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Needlework! What can I say. I'm really pleased with some of the pieces I have made over the years. I don't spend a lot of time sewing these days , although I do have two pieces on the go that I really MUST get finished. I will put pictures up of them as works in progress soon. There's also some other sewing projects which have been patiently waiting in the wings.

As well as the work that you see here - I've stitched many cards and pictures which have been given as presents to friends and famiily.


Completed Work

Peruvian Cushion Cover - I love the colours on this - It was a delight to sew.


Elephant Cushion Cover - this was the first cushion I did. I bought the yarns from the Needlework and Stitching Exhibition at Earls Court. This belongs to Jenny and lives on her bed.

Both cushions are worked in tent stitch and the charts are available here.

Noah's Ark Cross Stitch Picture

I did this for Jenny about 12 years go. It still lives on her bedroom wall.

Current Projects

I am almost finished a mammoth Noah's Ark picture which I started for Becky more years ago than I care to remember.

There is also a Knot Garden sampler in the making.

When both of those are complete, I have another (very different) elephant cushion in kit form waiting to be made.

Own Designs

This is a sampler that I did in cross stitch for Simon's Mum. I decided to do it when they made the decision to move from Dronfield down to Saundersfoot in 1993.

I designed the house from the picture on the estate agent's brochure. It's hard to see all the details from this picture but on the left we have a picture of Pat dressed as a cook (her occupation) and items that were meaningful to her. There is the WI logo, Peel Monument, Sewing Machine and a cake.

On the right is Jack, dressed as a lecturer. Underneath we have a camera, fuschias which grew in their garden, a pagoda, car, a corgi (Prince the First!) and a Millstone with the words Peak District underneath.











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